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Monday, 03/20/2006 - 7:27 p.m.

The days are flying by towards clinicals. I'm not as wigged as I was about procedures since we're learning the basics of a new one almost every day. That was my big worry - not knowing what instruments we'd need on a hernia repair or a D&C or whatever. My average this term is a 100 and if I want to keep it I have to pass checkoffs with flying colors. I have to dress the fucking Mayo stand faster and keep my back table and Mayo organized better. BigDaddy tells us over and over again that we can set up our tables and stands however we want as long as we can find things, but then takes off points if we don't arrange them how he would do it. Sheesh. It's all personal preference anyway in the real world. I'm still not as nervous as I was in 230, though.

The Ear of Death is much better today, altho it's still oozing ickies. I haven't had an ear infection in probably 20 years, but when I do it I do it up big. I'm trying to lay off the vicodin unless I'm in screaming pain.

DC and I spent the weekend at the Boy's after hosting Tupelo, where no one came. We watched the South Park marathon and had good sex and all was right with our universe. I've been looking at houses in the Boy's city and I've found some really big ones for sort-of cheap. The more I'm up there, the more I like the smaller town pace.

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