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Sunday, 03/12/2007 - 12:11 a.m.

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. The bride glowed all afternoon and Weaz looked the best I've ever seen him. I cried off and on all thru the wedding and I had it under control until the maid of honor and the best man made their speeches at the reception, and I really lost it when Weaz made his speech about how every person and every action has a purpose and he finally realized his purpose was to be Carrie's husband. Snotfest extraordinaire and I wasn't the only one boo-hooing audibly.

At the after party (once the grownups went to bed) no one batted an eye when we explained who the Boy was. YAY! The bride and groom left about 10:30 and we finally left about 3 am. It got down to me, DC, the Boy, the MOH, a bridesmaid, and the hairdresser, and we talked our asses off about anything and everything. I told MOH if we had the room, she would be welcome to stay with us anytime she wanted to come to town. I understand why she and Carrie are such good friends because she is amazing.

I bought a shitload of MK makeup and my MK lady delivered it today. I also bought a shitload of scrub stuff - hats and jackets mostly - that should be arriving here soon also. I apparently spent quite a bit of money Friday night. And quite a bit on Saturday for my hair and nails and brows for the wedding. Every so often you just have to go nuts and spend a bunch of money on fun stuff and say fuck it. I'll be due again in June for our anniversary.

Today was one of the best lazy days and best sex days, too.

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