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Monday, 04/18/2006 - 11:55 p.m.

I did indeed come out to my classmates on Friday. Someone asked what my leather pride flag was and I explained. She said "Is that the same as gay pride?" and I said "Nope, that's this tattoo" and showed her my back. Everyone who was in the classroom at the time took it really well.

The femdom party was OK and I finally got to officially meet Mz P. It's not worth my time to go, though, if the men aren't with me.

A handful of us went to Backstreet Saturday night and overall I had a good time. The Makeup Man is an *ob-nox-ious* drunk. Absolutely. Obnoxious. Drunk. And it's not as cute as he thinks it is. A drunk gay dude put his arm around me and tried to put his other hand up my skirt. I ran into one of my former classmates and that was kind of awkward. Bob the Tree Lichen, who was all up on me the time when DC and the Boy and I went a year ago, was all up on me *again* within 3 minutes of us getting on the dance floor. One of ExHusband's co-workers was there and remembered we were divorced but didn't know ExHusband remarried. That was totally weird because I felt like I told something I shouldn't have but some of his other co-workers were at the wedding so obviously some of them know. The Boy and I looked totally hot and were completely absorbed in each other.

Easter was *killer*. We had fantastic sex and fantastic food. What else can you ask for? We went to my mother's and had a ball. I didn't want to come home but I had to study for my final (that I blew thru like it was standing still).

Today was the last day of classroom attendance. The past 10 months have led up to this coming Monday, which is the 1st day of clinicals. I made the honor roll again and my checkoff score did not hurt me nearly as bad as I thought it would.

We also posed for the Abundant Beauty project tonight and it was sweaty and sexy and hot and I really want to do it again. I had 3 orgasms because I'm a dirty slut who really gets off on posing. DC and the Boy were spectacular, too, and I cannot wait to see the finished pics.

I feel like I've been running full-tilt for 4 days straight. Tomorrow is a busy day, too, because Paul, BigDaddy, BiggerDaddy, and I are going to Nashvegas to sit in on voting for a bill regarding surgical techs. I truly did not want to go and had no plans to go, but those bitches nagged me into it so I caved. Feh. Now I'm looking forward to it.

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