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Thursday, 12/13/2007 - 11:41 a.m.

Devil's Concubine,

I have to say "thank you". Not because you screwed me out of my lunch break yesterday, and not because you tried to screw me out of a potty break after a 3 hour case. And definitely not because you threw me into another case right after coming out of the 3 hour one.

No, I have to say thank you because dealing with your useless worthless ass reminded me what my job was all about. As I was stalking down the hall to the potty cursing you a blue streak, I had an epiphany. Little angels didn't suddenly appear and lightning didn't flash but it was an epiphany nonetheless.

And the epiphany was "It's not about *you*, Fat Girl. It's about the patient who needs this surgery.". BLAM! All my anger towards you disappeared. I did that case with a smile on my face and was OK with missing lunch.

(You're still a worthless bitch who shouldn't be in charge of anything more complicated than your own shoelaces, though.)

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