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Friday, 07/30/2010 - 8:22 p.m.

My flight was an hour late on Tuesday, so we had to bust ass back to the house and get changed for the 3 pm viewing. DC's mama looked really good, I have to say. She didn't want flowers and the viewing room looked really nekkid without them. I didn't cry until the end of the night when we were leaving. DC snotted up so I did, too. Wednesday was more of the same, but with more people. Yesterday was a big bag of suck, but as DC pointed out, it was a worse day for his mother. Her eulogy was absolutely wretched, with a lot of "Hellfire!", "Judgment, brothers and sisters!", and some dickhole in the back who alternately shouted out "Preach it!", "Tell it!", "That's right, amen!" or "Uh-huh!". Y'all just light me up, please, and dump the ashes somewhere pretty with sunshine. So we got through the graveside service, minus any peanut gallery commentary, and DC held up well. The ladies of her church put on a very nice luncheon afterward and the highlight was 2 of DC's cousins (who are sisters) getting into it, loudly, because one did not want to hug the other. Awesome.

I'm still waiting for DC to fall apart, but I don't think he's going to. On the way home from the viewing Wednesday night, he said, "Am I a bad person for not being more broken up over this?". He's said ever since we've been together that his mother has been waiting to die so she can go home to the Lord. He's been prepared for her death since he was a teenager. I reminded him all of that and said that I did not (and never will) think he's a bad person for not getting all weepy hysterical. When we're done running all over hell's half-acre dropping off death certificates and packing up the house and he has time to really think about it, he *might* fall apart. But I don't think he will. He's a lot stronger than he thinks he is and I wish he could see himself like I do.

And I wish with all my heart that Heaven is living up to my mother-in-law's expectations.

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