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Wednesday, 02/15/2006 - 4:00 p.m.

...and its name is Fran, my classmate. Her name's not really Fran but she has such a horrible, whiny, nasally voice that she sounds like Fran Drescher. She came in almost an hour late to class today and then came back late from first break, and so was written up about the break issue. Coming back late from break is an on-going issue with her but today was the first time BigDaddy wrote her up for it. He took her out to the lab and she came back in cussing and swearing up and down she has never come in late to class at any time. She truly does not believe she came in late this morning because she had a "good excuse" for not making it at 8 am. I finally had to tune her deranged rantings out because she got louder and louder and more aggressive defending herself about not being late. If your butt is not in your seat by 8 am then you're late, duh, excuse or not. (The only other seriously crazy person I've ever been around disappeared last year, in the middle of his divorce. He has since resurfaced here in town, though, so deities help us all. Fran is not *as* nuts as he is, but she is the same kind of crazy.)

Our case for checkoffs is an appendectomy. I've been reading everything I can find about it. We have 3 more days to practice after school and I'm groovy on the set-up itself but not so much on the case. We'll get surgeon's preference cards regarding appies so we can't pull the wrong supplies but this is still something new. I'm excited, though.

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