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Friday, 07/21/2007 - 12:28 a.m.

My crazy little mama (who has been ill 1 time that I can remember in 33 years) went in for a checkup because she's been having chest pains. She swears up and down it's just stress and the EKG didn't show anything abnormal. Her doctor ran all kinds of other tests, took blood, did a pap smear, and gawd knows what else. She had a stress test done and is going for a mammogram next month. Cervical/uterine/ovarian cancer runs rampant on both sides of my family and I'm really worried her pap is going to come back bad. We had the serious talk about what she wants to do if any of the tests come back cancerous (or otherwise bad) and she flat-out said she wasn't having any sort of surgery, that she'd just die. She doesn't want surgery of any kind and she got very shrill on the issue of chemo/radiation therapy. I said I was sorry to upset her by bringing all that up, but if she becomes incapacitated it falls to me to carry out what she wants. If she's strong enough to die with dignity (if it comes to that) I can at least be strong enough to do what she wants.

DC got the job! And there was much rejoicing. He's excited about it and I'm excited for him.

Cousin Dinner is Sunday and I can't wait. We haven't seen LadyA or Weaz and Carrie since their wedding. Tattoo said he'll try to come as well. YAY!

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