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Tuesday, 11/18/2008 - 5:51 p.m.

DC and I are both in gastrointestinal distress and have been for a few days. Not even Immodium will stem the tide, so to speak. We're sucking down liquids like they're going to be outlawed to keep the dehydration at bay.

October's Curse ran over into November and lasted 2 weeks. I cried (and have been crying off and on for 4 days) because it's back again when it only ended 2 weeks ago. Now that I know ablations can be done in the office, I'm going to request one. Without insurance I can't afford the hospital visit to have it done so I'll just grit my teeth and do it in the office.

We're going to to my mother-in-law's for T'Giving in Washington, D.C. and I'm already wigging out. Not because of the trip but because of her. She simply cannot understand why DC might be upset at seeing her. Well, let's're bald as an egg, with multiple puncture sites for chemo (why she doesn't have a portacath I'll never know), and you've apparently gained a lot of weight. So you don't really look like the mom he remembers that came to our wedding. You don't really look like the mom he remembers, period. He wants to pack up all we own and move right now immediately back to D.C. to care for her, and she has said repeatedly she doesn't want that. So that's another layer of tension added to the mix.

And the poop icing on this turd cake of a week is my little brother's utilities are in danger of being cut-off for non-payment. Apparently his roommates said something along the lines of "Everything is in your name so we're leaving it all for you" and moved out. Awesome. I offered to get my mother and go beat the everlovin' crap out of them but he said no, he'd be the primary suspect. I think my mother would be up for it, regardless of what he says. My brother used to be a world-class screw-up (drugs, booze, one-stands with some psychotic armed to the teeth women), but since he's had his own house he's been such a stand-up guy. This is the first time since he's been on his own that any of the bills have been behind. I'm scared about him being with no heat or hot water in winter, but I'm throwing-up-crying-shaking-upset about what a setback this is to his confidence after being so responsible and on top of the bills for so long.

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