Carrie - 2011-07-12 20:00:38
On behalf of non-crazy Christians who remember that Jesus said to love EVERYONE and that He would hang out with hookers and other "undesirables", I would like to apologize for this.
dee - 2011-07-13 02:52:28
"I would like an honest answer from her about why it's anyone else's business what guests in their house do or not do" Could the answer be something like this: Because it aligns with my personal values & priorities, even though you may not understand it or agree with it?
Countessa - 2011-07-13 04:10:04
Carrie, it's not your fault. :) Apparently "love everyone" means "love everyone who is just like us", although they've welcomed *one* bisexual man and *one* black person in 6 years. Those crazy radical Church of Christers! Next thing you know, the women will refuse to make babies and demand to be let out of the kitchen once in a while. {insert eye roll here}
Countessa - 2011-07-13 04:12:09
Dee, "Exactly what kind of church IS this if they will look down on *you* for what guests at your house do or don't do?" is probably a clearer way to ask. They were willing to let us sleep in the same bed even though we're not married to each other (which is a super big no-no) but if we don't attend church with them then they will look bad to the rest of their congregation? I really wanted to know her and her husband's mindset/thought process about letting their church congregation's opinions (not overall religious beliefs but personal opinions) influence them about what guests do or not do in their house. Their way of thinking and acting is so bizarre and foreign to me that I've asked for clarifications about their thought processes (although not on religious/church matters) on several occasions so my asking for explanations was not anything new. I have a sneaking suspicion that simply even having the nerve to question their religion/church practices is what pissed her off, not my actual questions.
Carrie - 2011-07-13 20:46:51
Weaz and I were watching TV the other day, and while I DID have my shoes off, I was all confused and scared about this strange room that had no fridge or stove. In a lot of churches, there is pressure to be the holiest you can possibly be, and if you didn't come with them to church, it might be viewed as a failure on THEIR part to witness to you. Although how anyone would find out is just beyond me.

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