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Friday, 10/05/2007 - 12:11 p.m.

At the staff meeting yesterday, the big bosses talked about being each other's "wingman". I wanted to blurt out 'Do you even know what a wingman *IS*?!' but I didn't. Not a lot of cock-blocking going on in the OR. I know what they meant, but it was still odd and funny. Especially later when the Devil's Concubine said "You be Sysy's wingman and she'll be yours.".

I've been feeling my ovaries this week and got up the nerve to talk frankly with the Devil's Concubine last night. She opened the conversation so I didn't just broadside her out of the blue, but I did speak freely. Without swearing or raising my voice, I might add. She didn't comprehend a word I said, but that's OK. As I've said in previous entries, when I finally snap and quit I can honestly say I tried talking to her about my issues.

Today is Friday and that's never a bad thing. Yesterday was payday, too, so that's double goodness.

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