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Friday, 03/31/2006 - 4:25 p.m.

We got our clinical sites today! I didn't get my first choice, but I got my second! It's a great hospital *and* there was only one slot. Either I'm pretty special or I was last cookie in the jar. I'd like to believe it's the former...hee. 11 more class days and no more rehearsal. TerreBonne and Paul are together, but QTJ and LilBit are split up. The Cousins are together, too, like they wanted, and PF is with them.

My yeastie ickie turned out to be resistant to OTC meds, so I had to get a prescription from the OBGYN. Feh. First my ear, then my twat. I'm just fallin' apart. It seems like everything breaks down in groups. Hopefully I'm done with doctor visits for a while.

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