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Thursday, 01/04/2008 - 12:37 a.m.

I visit just to see who from my high school class has gotten fat. Yeah, I said it.

Netflix needs to hurry the hell up with my movie.

We're not going to Nashvegas this weekend after all. I'm trying to convince the dudes that they want to go to the local dungeon Saturday night. Or possibly out to shake our tail feathers at Backstreet.

Happy birthday, Weaz, from your cousin Marvin.

DC has gone to bed early with a massive headache and it's kicking my ass trying to be quiet. I don't know why the hell he can't close his door, but whatever.

There was a small come-to-jesus meeting at the staff meeting today. I didn't *intentionally* try to make trouble, I swear. The boss over the Devil's Concubine asked "What can we do to make everyone feel more appreciated?" and I opened my mouth. Whoops. The Devil's Concubine took everything I said as a personal insult to her. She *was* included in what I said but I meant all the head honcho peoples, not just her.

A small Amaretto sour before bed is the bomb. Just enough for a little flavor, not enough to upset my stomach.

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