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Thursday, 10/13/2011 - 1:09 p.m.

The Halloween costume madness has cranked up here at Chateau Libido but unlike last year, I refuse to lose my shit over it. And also unlike last year, I have a real sewing machine (I burned up the little bitty one). We found it in the move and have no idea where it came from - I said DC's mom, he said my grandmother. Either way, I couldn't get the fucker to work so I took it to the Queen. She got it working in no time and said it's a great machine; if anyone would know it would be her. Her name is Agnieszka because she was made in Poland. (And the fridge is named Percy and the washing machine is Gizmo and DC's car is the Black Jellybean. Shaddup.) So Aggie has helped the costume situation tremendously and today we go look for a wig for Nigel. We're doing a Japanese/Asian geisha thing this year and his costume is 85% done (the sewn-in boobs are giving me trouble) and mine is 75% done. I'm making a waist cincher thing from scratch with a matching choker and hair sticks but so far so good. It's just slow going because I'm being super careful. I have all next week to work on it, too, but I'd like to be done by Monday. I figured out my hair but I need at least one practice run on makeup.

In other news, things are slowly getting better at our house. DC and I are still having frequent snip-snappy moments but overall it's improving. I've been running on stress and adrenaline since April of last year (when we found out that DC's mother was indeed dying) and now that things have calmed way down, it's hard to turn that mindset off. No one can run the household better than I can (and my ginormous ego agrees...heh) but I'm backing off on that extremely slowly, but surely. The world will not end if some of the dishes are put away in the wrong places or if the clean laundry sits for a while and we have to go picking through it or if the dudes have to scavenge for their own dinners a couple of nights a week because I'm elbow-deep in varnish and won't stop to make dinner.

My one big goal is to get the living room cleaned out and the furniture moved around before Thanksgiving. We're going to have a houseful and I can't wait. SQUEE! I've missed having family over at the holidays more than I ever thought I would. Come that Wednesday before T'giving I'll probably change my tune, but I'll cry when DC carves the turkey.

The end tables are sanded and re-stained, but I'm still working on the coffee table. The furniture is still in its protective plastic. I unloaded probably a dozen boxes this past weekend and the upstairs den kicks ass. Nigel hurt himself helping move boxes but all the boxes under the stairs are now upstairs where they should have been in the first place (that was bad planning on my part). I've started weeding through my portion of the crap left in the living room and quite a bit of it is indeed crap. About 6 of the boxes are just Xmas shit - when the hell did that all accumulate? Some came from DC's mama but the majority is mine. I consolidated 9 medium boxes of books down into 4 giant boxes that are currently in the closet under the stairs. I have no idea where any of those fuckers are going to go but I'm going to try DIY shelving. I have 2 Celtic-style scrolled brackets and a shelf that are supposed to hold up to 80 pounds and I've located the studs in the wall so this shelf will be the trial run as soon as I get to it. If it works, then I'll do more all around my room. I have a ton of sewing artsy-fartsy crap, too - beads, ribbons, fabric, cross-stitch projects (currently working on a bib for Carrie and Weaz's second), dress-up projects for Nigel, etc. that I need to reorganize. I also have paperwork going back 6 years (bills, bank statements, taxes, etc.) that I need to sort. I'm pretty sure I can shred 2005's paid utility bills. Feh. Why do we hang on to stuff like that? I know to keep all of our tax returns and all the paperwork on our cars/house/appliances/life insurance but beyond that why would you ever need to keep anything that's not from the current year?

I have an appt. in 2 weeks with Dr. Fabulous the OBGYN for my yearly exam and I specifically requested a hormone assay. The appt. person asked if I was 100% sure that I wanted to do that (since we currently do not have health insurance) and I told her that whatever they charged would be cheaper than bail when I finally snapped and strangled someone. I'll pay on the bill every month until it's paid off and they can just suck it. I need to know what's wrong with me and this is the first step.

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