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Tuesday, 05/20/2008 - 11:51 p.m.

We found the pee. We found it by having to pull up the carpet by the front door. The baseboard, the carpet, the pad, the carpet tack strips, and the concrete - soaked in pee. Whoo boy. Tell me again how much fun it is to have a pet. We cut out the wet pad and ripped up the wet carpet tack strips. I scrubbed the back side of the carpet until the soap and bleach bled thru to the other side. I think that corner of the carpet is a goner and I'm not sure how to replace just a corner. The pad is not a big deal, though, so thank my stars for a small break.

DC and I think the White Booger has another bladder/kidney infection so she's in isolation until her vet appt in the morning. If she's not sick, then the other 2 get checked out. If no one is sick and this is a behavior issue, then someone will be the lucky recipient of some cats. My ex-husband and I already did this dance years ago when we had 7 cats under one roof and someone took exception to someone else and pissed all in our kitchen. For weeks. I'm not doing all that again. I don't want the cat to have another infection but it sure would make life easier because it's treatable.

Since the White Booger is locked up with the main litter box, the auxiliary box has been put into use. Right in the middle of the living room floor. As soon as you open the front door - boom! - cat shitter. Nothing says class like a litter box in the living room. *sigh*

Work has been really good these past two days. I'm still taking off like a scalded dog though. I have 7 more days until I'm free. Almost everyone has asked me to change my mind and that makes me feel good. It makes me snot up too, and I cried today. Almost all the women asked me if I was taking time off in order to get pregnant. Good lord. I'm not going to miss management but I'm damn sure going to miss my fellow peons. If the people wherever I work next are even half as wonderful as these people, I'll consider myself blessed and lucky.

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