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Monday, 07/14/2008 - 11:57 p.m.

I have found candy crack for grown-ups. "Fruit Gushers" candy is the shit and I've gone thru 3 boxes in 2 days. And Schnucks's has them on sale so they're just a bunch of enablers, dammit.

I have one friend on myspace and it's my brother. How lame am I? He, however, seems to be not lame - he's hilariously funny in almost everything he posts. There's a sharp guy under the tattoos and ennui.

I've bought new BDSM stuff yet again. Autumn's Sub Shop kicks all kinds of ass and I'll be buying from her forever. The new floggers from arcane, the bondage mittens (which are awesome), and new blindfolds and cuffs. It was time to retire (for a little while) the old cuffs because the liners have rotted away and until I can figure out how to fix them I can't use them. I got new hardware and ropes and stuff to make floggers.

I've been updating the toybag, too, and found a bunch of stuff that didn't have my mark on it. Feh. I don't think anyone would steal from me just to be stealing from *me* personally, but there are some folks who would walk off with toys they thought were "unclaimed".

My big date is Friday and I'm excited and nervous. We're doing dinner and a movie, which is a good first "date". Lunch last week was a date too, but not a date date. Friday is a do-your-hair-put-on-your-face-wear-a-dress date. She and I obviously get along well with our clothes off so now it's time to see how well we do with them on.

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