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Wednesday, 11/11/2009 - 3:34 p.m.

I just sat thru that hour long bag of monkey crap called CSI Miami just to see Larry Fishburne's cameo. Mr. Fishburne, you owe me big time. Let me touch your wife inappropriately and we'll call it even.

As I ran through the Target last tonight, I realized I have not had to deal with Kotex in 7 months. Even the annoying trickle I had last week didn't require a pad. Thank you again, modern medicine.

Also during my run through the Target, I saw a strawberry charm and had a big whonk of nostalgia and sadness that stopped me in my tracks. Some days I miss the Strawberry like crazy. Miss. Like. Crazy. Some days I wish I had a second chance with her and some days I'm glad it ended when it did.

The Tuesday night meeting went well last tonight. I'm tired of the whole thing, though, and someone else will be hosting the next meeting. It's a great group and it really does serve a purpose, but other people need to step up and be in charge for a while.

Mal and I talked our asses off Saturday night and cleared the air about some things that were bothering me. He's not a painslut and I'm a sadist so that's usually a bad combination. Well, I bit the bejesus out of him with very little warm-up and he took it all. Maybe because I had all 260+ pounds of me holding him face-down, maybe because I was through fucking around with him, maybe because he knew he was just flesh at that point and knew to just shut up and let the demonic sadist bitch run her course. Or maybe because he's more of a painpuppy than he thinks he is. He screamed "Fuck!" a lot in several colorful phrases but he didn't safeword. Perhaps my calling him a candyass was the deciding factor there. Heh. I've since changed my mind about the candyass part because he took what I dished out this one time as well as DC or the Boy could.

The Bird Kid left Sunday morning at the crack of dawn to go visit his mistress/girlfriend and I took him to the station. Rather than get up even earlier than the crack of dawn and drive all over hell's half-acre to pick him up, drop his car off, and get him there on time, we did all the running around Saturday night and just brought him home with us. All three of us ended up in a semi-nekkid pile, doing scritchies. And then DC and I had sex, pressed up against his back. Hee. He slept in my bed and not only is he a cover thief but a bed hog, too. The third time his arm whopped me in the back of my head I forcibly rolled him the other way. He slept through that, he slept through the White Booger meowing for food, he slept through TinyE very vigorously grooming his head.

It is half-past nap time, I do believe.

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