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Sunday, 06/15/2008 - 10:24 p.m.

So dinner with the Dysfunctionals was mostly OK. I'm surprised, too. I think it was mostly OK because I spent an hour on the back porch with my brother getting caught up and away from the Dysfunctionals. We'd been there about 3 hours before my father had had enough to drink to start to bitching about my stepmother and sister. Apparently my sister is not as smart as me, is not a good student, and doesn't give a crap on top of that. *yawn* Flip the record; I've heard this side. She's going to a specialist to help her "learn how to study" so she won't flunk out of high school. You can maybe teach her how to study but unless you can teach her to give a crap if she passes or not, you've wasted your time. I said as much to my father and when he wanted to continue to complain about my stepmother not helping the situation I said "It's time to go! Time to go!". Not subtle by any means, but it kept the peace as much as I was able. Feh. We got the hell up out of there, came home, and played RockBand for an hour. I told the Boy that my parents were the most dysfunctional because they're alcoholics who hate each other but stay together for some bizarre reason. He said "I challenge that - my father and stepmother beat yours hands down. It's not true dysfuntionality until the police are called. *With* felony activity." I conceded.

Time to pour DC into bed because he spent the entire visit slugging back margaritas.

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