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Thursday, 09/18/2008 - 1:42 a.m.

I'm going to the local dungeon this weekend and I got 2 play invites within hours of each other. I have no idea what to do because for all of my evil bitchness I really don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. (Well, no one that doesn't have it coming.) One is a friend that I've known for years and have played with all of twice, because there's no spark. He's sharp as a tack and funny but there was no zing when I played with him. I could maybe co-top him with someone else in the main top role but that opens up a whole 'nother dilemma of who to ask and how to ask. The other guy gave me a little spark until he went on and on about he will top from the bottom every chance he gets and the top has to stay right on top of him to keep him under control, blah blah blah bratcakes. He's into butt stuff but there's no polite way to say "I don't really want to beat you because you're a big brat but I'd like to abuse your asshole until you cry like a little girl". He can be bratty all he wants then because his ass will be paying the price. Win-win.

I asked the Strawberry to accompany me since she and I have not had time alone in a while. She's still not sure if she can so I haven't made any kind of plans yet. DC and NW have a date as well so I might end up going by myself. It will be a good time either way.

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