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Tuesday, 02/23/2010 - 7:37 p.m.

One of the hostesses of Love Hurts mixed up this wonderful peppermint balm stuff to give out in the Swag Bags and I cannot use it enough. I told DC after some really good sex to go get a butt plug and lube it up with the peppermint stuff. This conversation is the result:

Me: Get the smaller flesh colored one.
DC: There's this one and this one - there is no smaller anything in this drawer.
Me: Goddamnit. Where's the small red one that's not the Lava Lamp?
DC: Not in this drawer!
Me: Well, goddamnit. What are my other options besides gigantic?
DC: This or this!
Me: OK, let's do the blue ball one. Where in the hell did the rest of my butt plugs go?
DC: Well, I know where they aren't.

Married life is the best.

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