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Monday, 04/02/2007 - 10:05 p.m.

A crap end to an awesome weekend. Feh.

Friday night sex with the Boy was spur of the moment and really damned good. No hair pulling, no name calling, no spitting or hitting, just a muscled-up Boy (he's been working out!!!) and a very juicy pliable Girl. YAY! It was the absolute best end to a crap day at work.

Saturday day was good, too. The drive to Nashvegas was fun and quick, and the hotel had a giant jacuzzi tub as promised. We got to the party mostly on time and were the first ones there. Slightly awkward since I do not know the host and hostess well but we made small talk and all was good. I got to talk shop with STL, which always makes me feel better about the career I've chosen. We laughed and ate and drank a little and a good time was had by all.

The tub was everything it was supposed to be and we drank a bottle of champagne. The Boy had never bathed any of his other girlfriends before so I had to show him how. He'd done my back before at the old house but that was all. There is an art to it; you can't just smear some soap on and call it good. We were all set to do the hotel sex thing (sex is *always* dirtier somehow in a hotel) but he had an attack of acid reflux. Feh.

Sunday morning he wanted to pick up where we left off but check out time was rapidly approaching. Double feh. The Hornsby Lesbians and Co. were in town for a hockey game and we all met up for lunch. But 1st the Boy and I shopped at the Hustler store. OMG...I could spend tons of money there. I bought DC a shirt and the Boy bought me a butt plug. Yeah, I'm an ass whore.

We got home from Nashvegas and napped. And then the butt sex. Holy gawd. The new plug almost fits. If there had been more slapping and name calling, it definitely would have fit. The way I can tell the Boy has lost weight is his dick goes in all the way to the hilt now. I told him he was splitting my ass in half and cried a little, and even that didn't stop him. YAY! He pulled my hair and told me to shut up. Pervert. So I screamed and came. For hours. YAY!

I didn't spend last night with him even though I wanted to. My Mondays at work go much better if I get a full night's sleep in my own bed. However, I didn't go to work today because right after breakfast, there was barfing. I mean bloody-my-nose-black-my-eyes-from-the-force puking. I got up to make my lunch for work and get dressed, and barfed instead. Feh. DC called me in sick and I went right back to bed. The only thing I can think of is after all the activities yesterday and the excitement level, I had something like sub-drop. I was a slugabed all day and feel much better.

Thank the deities it's a short week anyway.

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