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Thursday, 01/12/2006 - 2:43 p.m.

The Boy didn't have to have his colon resectioned! YAY! He had an appendectomy and the suspicious lump was removed, too. We're still not sure what the lump was, exactly. I have to talk to his doctor/nurse and get the scoop directly from them. He had some internal scar tissue pulling on his intestines cut free as well. If all goes well, he'll get to go home tomorrow or Saturday. I cried yesterday when I got up to the hospital, and I cried today when I called him, and I'll probably cry tomorrow when I'm there. We could not have wished for a better or smoother operation.

Some more classroom drama has happened and we now have to read and sign a "consequence" statement, saying we understand the rules of our classroom and understand there are consequences for breaking those rules. Gimme a damn break. This is the most expensive kindergarten I've ever heard of.

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