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Wednesday, 10/11/2007 - 12:41 a.m.

I've been on a gangster movie kick since Eastern Promises last week. Kind of left you hanging, but Viggo was indeed nekkid. And had a killer accent. And was a total badass. Whoo hoo! Gangs of New York was absolute crap. I have The Departed as well and I'm watching it tonight.

I survived the Bosnian Terror tonight, not once but twice. The first case with him was rocky but the 2nd case was smooth as silk. Awww yeah. He didn't bitch once during the 2nd case.

I told DC that I was in the mood to kick ass and take names, and he was going to be on the receiving end. He got all melty-eyed and said OK in the little voice. It's been a whole week since I slapped him around and he's due. It's good to be the sadist.

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