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Thursday, 12/18/2008 - 1:57 a.m.

There's been some controversy over Saturday Night Live's satire? parody? whatever of David Paterson, who is legally blind and who took over for Spitzer with all his hooker mess. The parody apparently showed the guv as a bumbling bozo, which is what SNL *does*. Conversation with the spouse about it:

Me: Good lord, everyone's up in arms because Saturday Night Live made fun of someone. Duh. That's what the friggin' show is about.

Him: Made fun of who?

Me: That new governor of New York who's blind.

Him: Duh. That's what SNL is about!

Me: I *know*!

Him: Who is complaining about the show?

Me: Some blind person's support group about the way blind people were portrayed in that sketch.

Him: Um, they're blind. They didn't see the show.

We have the best conversations, I swear.

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