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Wednesday, 02/25/2009 - 5:40 p.m.

Good news - Carrie and Weaz are having a baby! YAY! Auntie Fat Girl is buying "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue" tomorrow.

Better news - DC's mama came thru surgery just fine. She actually talked to him in recovery and said she wasn't hurting and she was hungry. She'll do some more chemo and some radiation but she should recover. Amen.

Best news - Dr. Fabulous said the breast lump, to him, didn't "'feel like anything to get worried over'". I still have to go for a mammogram before he'll give the all clear, though, but that's small potatoes. I had to get an ultrasound as well to get the go-ahead for the ablation. So my boobies should be OK and my periods are going away.

Blessed are we.

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