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Monday, 10/26/2009 - 4:43 p.m.

DC dressed up as Bert from Sesame Street for the dungeon's Halloween party and won second place for most original costume. Hee. It was worth the yellow makeup under my nails and smeared everywhere else. Him as the Devil last year is my favorite out of all his dressing up, but Bert was pretty damned good, too.

Everyone looked great, even the folks who didn't wear costumes. I wore a black velvet dress, complete with corset, bloomers, and Victorian ankle boots. I broke out all of the Queen's rhinestone jewelry I borrowed for Dallas and wore it along with my big bimbo hairpiece. I *love* that thing. Best $20 I ever spent.

PJ was there and I'm sorry as hell I didn't know in advance or I would have made sure we had play time. Mal and I mutually bailed on each other and the Bird Kid and I play late in the night anyway, so I had the time. I just needed some advance notice because I wasn't there mentally or emotionally. He gets wayyyyyy far down and goes incoherent non-verbal and requires more aftercare than I was mentally prepared to give on Saturday night. He did ask if he could lie in the floor at my feet and I was so stunned I could only nod at first. I can count on 4 fingers the number of times a hot man has asked if he can sit at my feet.

The Bird Kid and I had our shit together - mentally, sexually, physically - and had the best scene so far. Holy crap. He came as Phantom of the Opera, which turns my crank anyway, and looked really good. He would whisper smack in my ear every so often or leer at me throughout the night, which just torqued me up more. I beat the crap out of him and I mean *beat*. He's purple and splotchy, with raised bite marks here and there, and one huge bite that made me come while I was doing it. The persona who popped up is not one I've played with before - either he gets garble-y non-verbal and drools or he's very coherent and playful but speaks only German. This personality was like the German one but spoke English. It was very hot, regardless. He's received permission from his Mistress/girlfriend to have penis-in-vagina sex and apparently I'm first on the list. I haven't received permission from the Boy (and truth be told, I don't think I'll get it) so that didn't happen. We still had a hella good time.

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