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Sunday, 03/30/2008 - 11:26 p.m.

The Vendor Faire at the local dungeon was kick ass! Arcane was there and I hugged the stuffin' out of him. I also let him demo his stuff on me and it was great. We got caught up on all the people we knew way back when. We bought 3 things from him and 1 thing from MT Leather and I broke all of them in on the Boy. YAY! DC, that supremely sneaky weasel, bought me a leather barbed wire rose from them as well. It's been forever since we bought new BDSM toys. The Boy is purple and red all over his upper back and one of his bites is still swollen and hot to the touch.

And in that BDSM vein, if I ever become one of those assholes who plays for and up to the crowd instead of paying attention to the person I'm working on, I gave the Boy blanket permission to punch me in the face. BadBreathCreepyDude was there in all his creepy glory. He even made a point of telling me after his scene (where he left his submissive openly bleeding from several wounds, down on the floor, and stepped on her when she was down) that he did the outrageous stuff he did in scene to "make people scared of him, to gain that kind of notoriety". All the people I know think you're a fuckin' nutjob loon, so mission accomplished, dude.

I did a spectacular back fusion all by myself on Friday! YAY! That's the first time I've ever been in on one from start to finish. I usually relieve someone else out who started it. Ramirez was the surgeon and I really do like him, despite calling him a dick about 3/4th of the way thru the case. I didn't mean to, truly, because that's a big time write up. It just popped out. We had gone thru 2 batches of cement and I had mixed a third, gave him part of it, and discarded the rest as he told me to do. Not 10 minutes later, after it set in the bowl and was unusable, he picks up the bowl and says "Oh my god, did you let this set? I *need* this!". I, being subtle, said "Well, fuck! I need some more cement over here!". He laughed his ass off and said "I'm just messing with you; I don't need anymore.". "You DICK!". Whoops. The hardware rep had to sit down because he was laughing so hard. Luckily Ramirez laughed, too. Despite all the managerial stupidity I really do love my job.

DC got offered a perm position and he's seriously considering it. He went thru a "I fuckin' hate my job" patch that lasted several months but seems to be coming out of it. He asked my opinion and I said take it solely for the job security it offers. I also said it wasn't fair for me to ask him to take a position he hates just to make me feel secure and that I would stand by his decision no matter what he decided to do.

I've done 5 loads of laundry this weekend and the last one just finished. DC and I are trying to make a dent in the clutter and the laundry was the first step. I have 3 boxes of clothes for Goodwill and I just keep blowing off taking them. Feh.

If tomorrow comes and goes without The Curse starting, I will have gone the entire month without it. I'm OK with that. I don't think I'm going thru The Change at almost-34, but I can hope.

And that's it for the random stream of consciousness. It's taken me almost 2 hours to write this so I'm just gonna call it quits for tonight.

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