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Monday, 07/07/2008 - 9:46 p.m.

So much shit has happened in a week I have no idea where to start.

The Boy had to make an emergency trip home to Knoxvegas on the 4th of July to dry out his father, who fell off the wagon in a big way. And also to force the crackwhore stepmother to move out like she should have done months ago. That was phone call #2 on Wednesday.

Phone call #1 on Wednesday was to tell me that one of our dear friends was in the hospital and this was the end. He's had cancer for a while and as of 2 months ago was doing well. He looked good, he was eating, he was getting chemo, he was feeling pretty good. Then boom - this is it. We've been waiting for the call since Thursday.

The situation with the Boy's crackwhore stepmom has been on-going since last year so this is not anything new. The latest is she's hocked everything hockable for drug money and refused to leave when the divorce was final. But again, nothing shocking. The news about our friend, tho, made DC lose his shit. Cancer is his own personal boogeyman and so he really goes nuts about it. All 4 of my grandparents had some form(s) of cancer when they died, I had a small go-around with it myself, my aunt had a bigger go-round with it - cancer is not a big hysterical deal to me.

Alright so DC lost his shit on Wednesday. By Friday it was still gone. He was weepy and screamy and on a hair trigger for 2 days. By Friday I was ready to move out. If we were awake, we were fighting. Now, granted, I was on a hair trigger myself waiting for the phone to ring, but I could still take care of business and still function. We went to Carrie and Weaz's for the 4th and he had another meltdown over there so I finally had to explain some things to him. I was really trying to be patient and supportive to both him and the Boy (I was talking to the Boy every day about whatever bullshit his father or stepmother had pulled that day) but there's only so much I can do. Feh. Once DC calmed the hell down, we had a good time with the Cousins. We did Rocky Horror and laughed our asses off.

Oh, and in the middle of all that, a pipe burst in the building next door so we had no water Thursday night or Friday day. And DC was on call from 11 pm Thursday til 11 pm Sunday.

Saturday was the Munch and we had a decent turnout and a good time. We went to the dungeon that night and I had a great time. DC got called in while we were there so not so much a good time for him. I played with Strawberry for *hours*. If she didn't have plans with someone else that night, I wouldn't have stopped with her.

I have a serious girl crush on her and it scares me some. I'm entirely too aggressive sexually and BDSM-wise for most of the women I've had crushes on and as a result ran them off. I don't want to run her off because there's a definite spark, at least sex- and BDSM-wise. She also seems to have her self-esteem intact and is not ashamed of being a big ol' slutty slut. And likes butt stuff.

DC needed play time as well but I refused until he was off-call. He wanted to cry and had the urge until he got called into work last night, right before his call shift was over. I wore his ass out when he got home, tho, and he has the little purple splotches to prove it. I took the Princess Wand to him over his rotten attitude the past few days and told him I was going to spank his ass until I felt better towards him. Apparently I had a *lot* to work out but he grit his teeth and took it all. He didn't cry but he got what he needed to feel better. So did I.

We're still waiting for the phone to ring with bad news but it's bearable.

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