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Wednesday, 10/15/2008 - 12:13 a.m.

My feet are blistered and cracked from all the walking and dancing we did in San Fran. Holy crap, dude. Butch-Femme is the shit and I cannot wait for next year's Bash.

The trip in on Wednesday went really well. I didn't cry or throw-up on the plane, and my nose didn't bleed. I was loaded up on DayQuil and Zyrtec, though, so there was no liquid left in my head. My ears wouldn't pop but that was the only plane unpleasantness. I did my research on CA travel systems and got the low-down on the BART, which is the light-rail/metro/subway. We took BART from the airport directly to the hotel for a mere 6 bucks and I was really proud of myself over that one, because the Boy wanted to take a cab for 80 bucks. We got checked in and napped because I was hosting a pre-Bash meet dinner later that night at this amazing restaurant called The Fat Lady. It was super pricey but the food was divine and we ended up going back there Thursday night. We had 16 people (YAY!) at the dinner, which was a surprise since only 6 or so folks RSVP'ed. We drank, talked and laughed our asses off and the newcomers had a chance in a smaller environment to get to know some folks.

On Thursday, we hit Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf and walked all over hell's half-acre. That's when the first round of blisters popped up. We saw Alcatraz in the distance and the sea lions that rest by Pier 39. The Blue Angels were also flying over the bay that day and we could see the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance as well. We also went to Aquarium of the Bay and got to touch sharks, mantarays and starfish, as well as watch them feed their sharks up close and personal. Thursday was a busy-ass day. The meet and greet was that night and I worked Registration most of the party. I love it because I can put names with faces and hug on the people I already know. We went back to the Fat Lady with Sam and Cherry and had a very good time. Cherry and the Boy know each other from Second Life so they were already friends. The 3 of them went out clubbing after dinner but I had to call it quits. Between my feet and having to be ready for a tour on Friday morning, I was done.

On Friday a small group of us hit the Castro District. OMG!!!! We walked up and down that piece of street in the picture. Siam and Dre were with me and the Boy and we hit tons of places and took a ton of pics. We did a wine and cheese tasting thing, a chocolate tasting thing, bought books, and we hit one BDSM store. We made one of the last BART trains before they were shut down due to earthquake tremors. That's right - earthquake tremors. We took the trolley back to the BART to get back the hotel, just in time to get ready for Slut Night. We had the whole club to ourselves and everyone looked so good. I danced until my heels cracked and bled, altho I didn't realize they were that bad until we got back to the hotel.

On Saturday there was a luncheon just for the dudes, so I slept in way late and went to lunch by myself. And after lunch, it was nap time. Hee. We both napped and got up just in time to dress for the Ball. We were late last year and almost didn't get seats so we were actually on time this year. I also volunteered to sell raffle tickets for the first hour so I had to be on time. I spoke to everyone I knew and introduced myself to several people I wanted to know. I got hit on more times than I did at Slut Night and my tits were almost hanging out on Slut Night. Go figure. We took some of the best pics we've ever taken together and so my mother will be pleased to display us on her bookcase.

We went back to the Castro on Sunday with Dre. We hit 4 more BDSM shops and I am the proud new owner of a flogger, a paddle, a spandex hood and a big whompy thing that looks like an old fashioned razor strop on a handle. The Boy tried on the hood and immediately said "We NEED this!", much to the clerk's surprise. We took turns smacking each other with the whompy thing and we really liked it. The paddle is only one butt cheek wide and has a tiny handle and I love it. I think it will work really well on DC since he's so skinny. Dre said she got quite an education by coming with us. Hee. We got back to the hotel in time for me to slap on some make-up, change clothes, and bolt right back out the door. Karaoke is the usual Sunday night closing party and the Boy was working security. We got there right on time for him to start his shift. After Karaoke, a bunch of us ended up in the hotel lobby shooting the breeze and discussing polyamory. I trusted all the folks there enough to tell them I was married, which is what sparked the poly conversation. Then we discussed BDSM since all of us were BDSMers. I really didn't want to go to our room but we had to leave at 10 in the morning and I had still had to pack. Feh. The Boy passed out while I washed my face and did all my night time face stuff and I cried a little. Last year in Dallas was spectacular but this year was a lot more relaxed because I already knew a bunch of folks. I missed DC the entire trip something fierce but California was so blindingly awesome that I didn't want to leave. The plane home was totally uneventful and I slept a little.

Just like last year, I'm already looking for something to wear to the Ball. Hee.

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