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Friday, 01/22/2010 - 11:18 p.m.

I had a screening tonight at the local coffee hut and the hot barista chickie and I had some serious eye contact going on while I was in line. When I got up to the counter, she asked my name and asked if we had met before. We ran down the list of potential places we could have met (church, tattoo parlors, hair salon) and couldn't find anything in common. My screenees were almost no-shows (35 minutes late) and while I was waiting I wrote my name and email on a business card. Hot barista was coming back in from a smoke break as I was leaving out so I gave her the card and said "When you figure out where we've met, email me. Or, even if you don't figure it out, email anyway." She laughed and asked if I went to Pride last year and I said I most certainly did. So maybe possibly she swings my way. Either way - nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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