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Wednesday, 08/15/2007 - 10:10 p.m.

Thursday and Friday sucked all kinds of ass, so I was dreading Monday at work. Thursday and Friday sucked so incredibly hard I was seriously considering giving my 2 week notice because I was obviously not cut out to be a scrub nurse.

However, on Monday Gail (who is my fave nurse) and I were assigned to a massive colon resection on a patient who was at death's door. Anyone who reads this or knows me or has even talked to me once knows that guts are my absolute fave. I was in that place where you know down to your bones that you kick ass at what you do. The charge nurse explained how ill our patient was and how big a case it was and asked if I could handle it. I said 'Fire? I was born of this!' to her, which she didn't get. It went really well and I walked out of it feeling much better about my vocation.

Yesterday I was on a nephrectomy (which is technically not guts but it's still in the abdomen) with Gail again that was heading south when I broke out for lunch. A general surgeon had to be called in because the kidney was encroaching on the aorta. Every time they messed directly with the kidney, the BP dropped. I passed Gail in the hall on her way to lunch and she told me about the aorta and I said to myself going back in 'Bring it on'. That case also went really well and I managed to keep up with 3 hyperactive surgeons worried about the aorta.

I survived Dr. Evil today and did well on that case, too.

My faith about being in the right line of work has been renewed. I suppose everyone goes thru some sort of crisis of faith about their jobs but having 2 days worth of *serious* shit back to back really shook my foundations.

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