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Sunday, 01/08/2007 - 12:22 a.m.

So I'm in charge of invitations for Carrie's bridal shower *and* in charge of her bachelorette party, along with LadyA. Dear gawd. The poor girl. The bridal shower invites will be easy to do and I'll get them knocked out by Thursday. The bachelorette party...not so much. I volunteered to be the designated driver and we're going to rent an Explorer or a Yukon (something *big*) to haul all the drunk women in one car. Renting a vehicle will be cheaper than a limo, we found out. Hence me volunteering to stay sober. Carrie wants to hit the sex shops and the clubs. I had to explain that I have no idea where any straight clubs are. Luckily, LadyA does. So we'll do dinner and paint the town red. I'm really looking forward to it.

I told Weaz that if he wanted a bachelor party he needed to talk to DC and the Boy because they could hook him up. I have no clue what kinda nuttiness they cooked up.

The bridal colors are black and pink and Carrie is encouraging everyone to wear black. I'm covered then since 90% of my closet is black clothing. Along with 30 pairs of black shoes. I'm set.

We'll go shopping for them as the date gets closer and I find out what they really need as opposed to just want.

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