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Monday, 11/16/2009 - 3:39 p.m.

TubboCat started barfing Friday night after the whole hot mustard thing and didn't stop until late into last night. So DC did what DC does and panicked his ass off. She also had not pooped in a couple of days so I agreed that she probably needed to go to the vet. Well, Pork Chop kitty is fine - she got subq fluids and a shot to stop the vomiting. DC's email about it all was a little garbled so I called the vet directly and spoke to one of her techs:

Sheldon the Tech: Yes, ma'am, how may I help you?
Me: My name is Fat Girl and my husband dropped our cat, TubboCat, off this morning because she was throwing up all weekend and not pooping. How's she doing? Did y'all have to gas her into submission?
StheT: TubboCat? No, no, not at all. She's the sweetest thing.
Me: Sweetest thing? Dude, are we talking about the same animal? 20 pounds of hateful fury, calico, phantom of the opera black mask on half her face, growls a lot, bites?
StheT: She's a sweetie baby - she's sitting with me right now, looking at me.
Me: Then you have the wrong cat. Usually she has to be gassed into submission and then wrangled to be examined.
StheT: I just called her by name and she meowed at me. She's done great.
Me: Y'all doped her up?
StheT: Not at all. She got a shot of antibiotics, a shot of Synnerga (sp?) for the vomiting, and fluids because she's dehydrated.
Me: And she *behaved*? No biting? She's a big biter.
StheT: She's cuddled with me and let me pet her and hold her.
Me: Oh god, y'all gave her a lobotomy, too, didn't you? {laughs} This is not the same cat we live with. Sounds like maybe she feels better.
StheT: She's really a sweet cat.
Me: It's Jedi Cat Mind Tricks. Don't let her fool you.
StheT: {laughs}

So TubboCat is fine and DC has calmed down. The moral of the story is "Don't feed your cats Chinese food", no matter how much they love the grease.

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