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Sunday, 11/01/2009 - 1:55 a.m.

My friend date with Mal went very well. I was truly worried we wouldn't have much to talk about but we did. There is a very sharp man in there, under the bashfulness. I asked a very specific question regarding his deceased wife that put my mind more at ease about playing with him and making out with him. ("Making out" is such a stupid term but I'm not sure what else to call it. All those high school terms are dumb.) I ate like a piggy pig and enjoyed every bite. When I first got there, the hostess chickie said "Wow, your hair is gorgeous and so are you" and when I told DC this, he immediately said "Did you get her number?". Hee. I'll see Mal Saturday, I think, and I'm going to ask him to dinner again.

Diaryland has apparently been having a problem with spam diaries, set up just to hustle Uggs or Viagra or whatever. Some dickhole keeps reporting me for spam but so far I haven't been shut down. I can also report people for spam and have been clicking on random diary links for a couple of days now. OMG! Some of these people make me want to slit my wrists while jumping off a bridge while sucking down a bottle of Dran-O. Holy crap. No, it's not OK for your boyfriend to hit you. No, it's not OK for your girlfriend to cheat on you. No, it's not OK for you to steal money to buy drugs. Some of these blogs make my life look downright normal.

We did not have a single trick-or-treater. Which worked out well because DC and I had massively dirty sex and then I passed clean out for 2 hours. After I got up, we were getting caught up on our Friday nights and drugs came up. We both decided in a perfect world, he'd like to try Ecstasy and I'd like to try acid. The last thing I want, though, would be to have a flashback in the O.R., in the middle of some sort of emergency case. Feh.

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