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Thursday, 04/02/2009 - 8:35 p.m.

We went to the dungeon Sat. night and I got my hands on both of the Glitter Kids. OMG! I want to assault them both BDSM- and sex-wise until there's nothing left but their tattoos and wedding rings. And smears of bodily fluids.

Sunday was a day of recovery and we slept most of the day. Hee.

Tuesday was "Barbecue My Cootch" day and I still smell burnt. The procedure went extremely well and Dr Fabulous said there is an excellent chance I will never have another period. I cramped and bled Tuesday afternoon and I threw up late into Tuesday night/early Wednesday but most of that has passed. I stayed in bed yesterday, except to pee, fix food, or change DVDs. Right now I'm only cramping when I cough or sneeze, and I stopped wearing a pad last night.

I found that Cheetos are still screamingly bright orange on their way back up, and Hawaiian Punch still sort of tastes the same. That experiment brought to me by mixing Lortab with my antibiotic. So I had to take one about an hour before the other, which was OK as long as I remembered to take the Lortab first.

The next 25 years or so without a period...the mind boggles. I'm still stunned.

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