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Friday, 11/27/2009 - 7:58 p.m.

T'Giving with my mother was *hilarious* and thought-provoking and a little sad, too. But mostly hilarious. She did indeed check out the NCIS porn link I gave her and asked if I had any more. Heh. She also put me in charge of finding any Bones fanfic porn for her since the internet confuses her. While my brother hogged her 'puter and DC was on the phone with his family, she and I got an uninterrupted hour after lunch to catch up on stuff. Before we left, we had made her cry twice from laughing and caused a coughing fit once. I told her, "This is what my life is like every day, Mama. I'm this happy and have this much fun with him *every day*" and she kissed my cheek and told me she was glad.

It's Friday night so DC is out on his standing date and I'm a single gal for the night. The Bird Kid has had a rough week at home and I took him out for an extremely late lunch/early dinner to get him out of the house for a while. I also missed his little face and wanted to see for myself if he really was OK. He asked what my plans were for tonight and I said "The second season of House, beer, NCIS porn, Saint's Row 2, and massive jerking off" and when he asked if I wanted company for the DVDs, I very regretfully said no. Partly because I really do look forward to my Friday nights alone and partly because I'd try to fuck him. Well, not penis-in-vagina fucking but I'd definitely want to touch him inappropriately. That's still sort of a gray area with the Boy, even though it's OK by DC, so I'm not tempting fate.

After reading all the NCIS stuff, I'm eat up with jealousy. It was all porn, yes, but a lot of it was about the chase and being seduced and I can't remember the last time someone chased me *or* tried to seduce me. Feh. I don't mean the hairpulling-biting-throw-me-down sex that DC and I and the Boy have, altho that is spectacular. I mean candles and bubble baths and someone undressing me slowly and unpinning my hair for me. To have someone else plan ahead about getting me naked and in bed and all I have to do is go with it. The paradox is I'm usually impatient with all that and would rather be the seducer than the seducee. So there's that. But every once in a while...

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