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Tuesday, 05/30/2006 - 5:06 p.m.

To the insane RN who really needs some Prozac:

1. You're the circulator. Put down your crossword puzzle and *circulate*.

2. If I *ASK* for XYZ, chances are I or the surgeon needs XYZ and I'm not just asking to hear my own voice.

3. If the surgeon says "Come over here to my side and hold this {insert instrument here}", I'm not wandering around the OR for my health. I'm going over because I was told to do so.

4. It really is OK for me to turn my back to my back table when I'm over two frickin' feet away. I know not to put my big ass all over my table.

5. YES, I understand suture tails and other trash (that is not bloody sponges) goes into the white kickbucket.

6. If you keep rolling your eyes at the surgeon behind his back, eventually he will catch you.

I went an entire week without having to work with you, and if we both try hard we can make it longer than that. You'll have to avoid me as diligently as I avoid you, though. Thanks!

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