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Tuesday, 01/01/2008 - 9:03 p.m.

Happy New Year, bitches.

I decided tonight while walking thru Barnes & Noble's kid section that Weaz and Carrie need to hurry up and have babies for Auntie Fat Girl. Or LadyA or Tattoo. Whomever, as long as I get to read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and all the other Dr. Seuss wonderfulness to something small and cuddly. I've tried reading to TinyE but since he's a cat it doesn't really work.

We went to Carrie and Weaz's for NYE and it was *awesome*. Alcohol doesn't agree with me anymore these days but I had a small Amaretto sour anyway. We also played this horrible card drinking game called Circle of Death or Circle of Your Mama or some such bullshit. There's a Question Master, a Thumb Master, and a Toast Master. There was no AssMaster ala South Park as far as I know. A lot of the questions involved "big black cock", "smegma", who in the room was circumcised and who wasn't, Weaz's man-crush on David Boreanaz, and oddly enough, WWII. Weaz is just as articulate drunk as he is sober and if he didn't tell me he was toasted I would have never known. The Boy was drunk as fuck and hilarious. Carrie asked him about being FTM and what all that entailed and some questions about how we have sex. The Boy doesn't remember a word of what he told her. I'm pretty sure as drunk as she was she doesn't remember all she asked.

I was slightly weepy for part of the evening because I have the best family ever. Also because the Boy kissed my hand some time after midnight and said "I love you...and you're my best friend, too".

He and I had a slightly intense talk about our relationship this weekend when I was up there. We'd had marathon sex (I'm still limping 2 days later...YAY!) and I said that I had a real hard time imagining him having that kind of sex with a sidepiece. It was my usual concern raising its ugly head - that he'll find someone who's smart and funny and pretty and a dirty whore in bed, all without already having a husband. He said "I'm never letting you go, period", which is the 1st time he's said that. Alrighty then. Concern laid to rest.

DC has a sidepiece he's working on but it will be mostly BDSM so that doesn't bother me. Polyamory isn't as easy as we make it look but it's worth the effort.

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