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Tuesday, 06/22/2010 - 11:15 p.m.

Conversation with the cat this afternoon while I'm trying to get my BDSM movie freak on with Punish Me:


Me: What, baby?


Me: OK, OK, I will feed you right after this scene. {pets his head}

TinyE: {bites my fingers}

Me: What the fuck is wrong with you? OK, I will feed you now! {mutters}: Fucker.

TinyE: {bites my hand as I throw back the covers to get up}

Me: Jesus! Enough with the biting! I'm up!


As I walk into the dining room where the food bowls are, I hear the most pitiful "meow" coming from the pantry.

Me: {opening pantry door} Pork Chop! How long have you been trapped in there?! My poor Tubby baby!

TubboCat: {backs butt up to my leg and shakes her tail to scent-mark me} MEEEROW!

Me: Oh, Pork Chop, I'm so sorry you were trapped in there.

TinyE: {pounces on TubboCat and licks her face}

Take that, Lassie.

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