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Thursday, 03/13/2008 - 11:41 a.m.

So I did a carotid last week (which I still don't see the big deal but a lot of techs refuse to do them) and I did an emergency thoracotomy last night. I *rock*.

This week so far has been really damned good at work. Girlfriend, BethJane and I have been paired up a lot. Gail and I have have been paired up a lot, too. The cases always go so much better when you know you can trust your circulator absolutely.

Both the menfolk are ill. Thank gawd I got over it a week ago because all 3 of us sick sucks ass. The Boy is going to the doctor today and DC is going next week if he's not better.

The weather is fanfuckingtastic and I look forward to driving to work with the radio blaring and the windows down.

Aside from my temporary lapse of sanity on Sunday and Monday, overall it's a damn good week.

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