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Sunday, 05/18/2008 - 1:28 p.m.

It's been almost a week since I've blogged because nothing would come out right. Shrieking incoherently around my house doesn't translate to the blog well.

The Tuesday meeting went very well. We discussed a lot of things and planned a semi-big thing as a group. I haven't posted the minutes to the group yet because I'm a big lazy piggie pig. And we've been moving shit like mad bitches (see previous entry) to try and find the pee smell.

On Wednesday, Asshat and I did indeed have a come-to-Jesus meeting. And it was *UGLY*. He did everything but call me a liar directly to my face and I returned the favor. So the end result was he refused to deal with me anymore and told me I would have to go above his head to the medium boss. I said no problem. Medium boss is conveniently out of town until this coming week - surprise.

This is not the first time Asshat has jerked me around about my schedule, nor is it the 2nd or even 3rd time. He enjoys canceling people's days off with no notice and then warning them about missing work because they thought they were off. Oh yeah. I've seen it firsthand twice. And this is the ass in charge of the schedules.

On Thursday, I went directly to the big boss and turned in my notice. I didn't explain anything or gripe about anything, even though she asked. I only said the big M needed a break from me and I needed a break from it. Who says I can't be diplomatic? I was going to turn in my notice in August because that would be 2 solid years but I knew after all the BS on Wednesday I wasn't going to make it that long. I finally found what I wanted to be when I grew up and I'm not giving that up. I just can't do it at that hospital anymore.

DC and I did the Happy Dance when I got home. I'm scared as hell about paying the bills but I can get by for almost 6 months if I have to. That's not counting anything DC can contribute so I think we'll be fine.

On Friday we cleaned like mad bitches again and it looks really good. At least it *will* when we put all the furniture back. DC moved it all yesterday to steam clean the carpets. Nature's Miracle is the bomb and kills the cat pee smell like magic. We still don't know who did it and no one is acting like they have bladder infections. Feh.

We've had sex like newlyweds this weekend and it's been damned good. It's like a cloud of evil funk has been lifted since I turned in my notice. I'm not gritting my teeth like I did and I'm not popping Rolaids like candy either. I'm not sleeping as well as I want to, but that's small potatoes.

We're going to the zoo in a little bit, for a work sponsored picnic thing. The Boy is not well so he bailed on us. He won't get the joy of meeting the Devil's Concubine face to face since she's also supposed to be there today. I've already told DC he can say "hello" and "goodbye" and that's all. Gawds willing, we won't see her at all. BethJane was going and I'd like him to meet her.

My new favorite button is "KEYBOARD + Narcissistic Personality Disorder = BLOG". Ha.

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