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Friday, 06/02/2006 - 12:46 p.m.

Today was a 2 hour day because it's the end of the term, which gives me plenty of time to finish doing laundry and pack. And as soon as maintenance turns our water back on, I'll hop to it. I finished my suck-ass paper for Monday, too! I need to get new ink cartridges and a binder but aside from that, I'm done. I have to present on it too, which I hate, but I'm prepared.

Now I can go to Nashvegas and enjoy my first Pride event without that paper hanging over my head. YAY! Pride should be a massive turnout of dykes and fags and whatevers, and I cannot wait. It will be a good end to a mostly good week.

I did a parathyroidectomy yesterday afternoon and *everyone* involved told me what a great job I did. YAY! I know it was a 30 minute procedure, but still...the powers that be are noticing that I know what I'm doing. The morning case was a 3 hour nightmare but I got thru it. Nutso doctors make me nutso.

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