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Monday, 04/09/2007 - 10:59 p.m.

That particular title crudity came from the Boy yesterday morning after Happy Easter sex, which was on the heels of Saturday night sex (which goes in the top 5 best sex nasties with the Boy). His stamina has *greatly* improved since he's started working out and losing weight. I'm hoping that's sufficient encouragement for him to keep going to the gym. Leaving my woman in a puddle of her own come and piss, with her eyes crossed, mumbling incoherently, would be enough encouragement for me. I'm just sayin'.

I bought a shitload of new scrubs and hats with a little of our tax return, and I feel pretty good about it. Once it all comes in I'll be able to go an entire week without doing work laundry. YAY! I'll also be able to retire the cheapies (but freebies) the big M gave me when I got hired.

Work ran us all ragged tonight so it's an early bedtime for me. Trainspotting and I will be going to bed here shortly.

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