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Thursday, 10/22/2009 - 9:24 a.m.

Gena just happened to call in advance, rather than wait til the very last minute like she usually did, to invite me to go out with her and Lara. She invited me on Friday so I had a whole day to finish sewing straps on my corset and figure out what else to wear. I got new glasses and would be wearing them for the first time out on Saturday. Exhusband and I were a little over a month away from having the divorce talk but I didn't know that at the time. The Divine Miss M had just found out she was pregnant with what would be the Angel Baby and so was a hot topic of conversation at dinner Saturday night. Exgirlfriend was underdressed, despite being told it was a dress-up outing, and was self-conscious about it most of the night. The waiter sucked massive amounts of ass and I left him a nickel tip.

The club was not hopping yet when we got there and so we found a table right away. Exgirlfriend's self-consciousness got the better of her and she left really early. Lara wouldn't dance until she had several drinks under her belt so Gena and I danced our asses off without her. We danced long enough for the club to fill up and to break a pretty good sweat. We had been sitting back down for all of about 5 minutes when he came in.

He stood at the double doors that separated the bar part from the dance floor part and it took several tries for my eyes to make it up to his face. Black leather boots, black leather chaps, black leather jacket. He'd ridden his motorcycle hence all the leather but I didn't know that til later. I thought he'd just dressed to impress. I said, "Girls, oh my god! Look look look! Leather chaps at twelve o'clock! Oh my god! Look look look!". I was stunned.

Gena and I went outside for a little while since it was cooler and stood by his bike, not knowing it was his. It was the prettiest thing - gleaming purple and black and when Gena tried to touch it, I slapped her hand. Even I knew you didn't touch other people's bikes without asking.

He was sitting by the cash register and pool table when we went back inside. She and I got another drink and went to dance some more. And all the time he was watching. He watched us in line for the ladies' room, he watched us dance, he watched us buying drinks at the bar.

When Gena and Lara turned into pumpkins a little after midnight, I stayed. I had good hair and good makeup and was dressed cute, so I didn't want to go home yet. I walked them out to their cars and in the 10 minutes I was gone, I lost our table. I ended up sitting alone in an easy chair within his sightline, debating on whether or not to go dance some more or go to another club. He was staring at me and I smiled at him.

And five years later, here we are. Long may we be together.

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