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Wednesday, 07/05/2006 - 9:15 p.m.

I left early on Friday because I just could not stand it any longer so my weekend and holiday got started early. I'm hoping things will change once I'm an employee but I have a sneaky feeling the same people who treat me like I'm stupid just because I'm a student will still treat me like I'm stupid. Maybe it will be easier to bear with a paycheck behind it. Lots of money pretty much works as a calming agent as far as I'm concerned. Hee.

The Munch was Saturday and we had a good turnout. We sat there gabbing an hour longer than we had the reservation for but it was OK. Next month is the anniversary of the Munch...I've been doing this 9 years. Holy crap, dude.

Then there were naps and sex for all. YAY! We have the *best* sex when the 3 of us are together because we all feed energy-wise off each other, which spirals the filth higher and higher. I tried to get something started BDSM-wise with the Boy after the sex nasties but he wasn't having any of it. So we rolled away from each other to nap and I cried a lot and felt sorry for myself. Feh. I *hate* that but it's hard to not feel like a failure as his top when he doesn't even pretend to be interested in scening. I tried again after the nap and was shot down again. Feh. I cried in the shower and decided the feeling-sorry-for-myself bullshit was indeed bullshit and I was going to do something evil to the Boy, period. DC was on the Boy's motorcycle going to his girlfriend's and we were going to meet him later in the convertible so I seized the window of opportunity. I told the Boy to get naked and that he didn't have to like what I was going to do but I was doing it regardless. So I stuffed ginger Altoids up his butt. YAY!

We left about 10 pm and stayed out in the car and bike until ohhh...12:30 am. It was great. The Boy and I sang along to Meatloaf and when he and DC switched vehicles, DC and I sang and held hands. We all slept like the dead that night.

Sundays are lazy days, hallelujah. We slept late and had more sex, and *ahem* shaved naughty bits. We left for the Boy's about 10 since he invited people over for the 4th and we needed to prep bright and early on Monday. The Boy and I spent most of Monday shopping and cooking and getting ready for company.

DC came up on Tuesday and we all ate like pigs. The Hornsby Lesbians (and crew) came to eat with us before the baseball game/fireworks and we had a ball. I am so crazy about them but we seldom get to meet up for anything since they live at the ass end of nowhere.

Which brings us up to "Meatbag Wednesday". My previous entry was kind of dark and somber but it was boiling up inside of me ever since the operation was over at 3. My fingers went faster than my brain and it all came pouring out just that fast. Now I know I can handle amputations, at least on a small scale. I still haven't done a mastectomy, though, and that's my big freak-out.

Sex with DC a couple of hours ago smoothed both of us out nicely, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

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