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Tuesday, 07/19/2011 - 1:00 a.m.

Well, let's see...

The bank loan guy has managed to piss off both our realtor and our homeowner's insurance guy. Awesome.

Most of the stuff that the home inspector found a month ago is still not repaired and we close in 11 days.

I'm run ragged on my club duties and I waffle between quitting completely and quitting mostly.

There's a nuclear email waiting for me from Nigel's sister that I've avoided reading for an entire week. I view that as the equivalent of counting to 10 before I speak so I don't just blast her right back and further escalate the situation.

Our new next door neighbor apparently smokes pigs' feet pickled in embalming fluid and the smell has infiltrated our entire apartment. There's a constant haze in our dining room.

...but my scale says 240, I got a Hello Kitty digital camera for my birfday, I'll have the best ravioli in the free world for lunch, and we have a house.

So, yeah, Happy Birthday to me indeed.

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