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Wednesday, 03/11/2009 - 2:24 p.m.

Let's see...

On Friday I got another letter from Dr. Fabulous giving me the all clear on the mammogram. So yay.

I got up Saturday morning to get ready for the Munch and it burned when I peed. I thought maybe we had celebrated the boobie all clear a little too vigorously and went on with my day. I took a urogesic to get thru Saturday night since I was working the door at the club. I got to slap Dre around a little and really liked it. I got to slap the Boy around a *lot* and really really liked it.

Sunday we went to see Watchmen and the best thing about it was Rorschach.

And then BOOM! Monday I woke up nauseated, feverish, sweaty, in pain and pissing fire. I suspected Saturday I had a bladder infection but Monday I knew for sure. Feh. I had a dentist appt as well so I popped another Uristat to get thru it.

Turns out I need *another* crown on a previously OK tooth because it had a cavity and there's no more room for fillings. Awesome. 6 injections, 2 molds, and one throw-up on my dentist later, I have a temp crown. I've never barfed at the dentist before but her new assistant (who I absolutely hate) managed to stick the suction wand to a tonsil and up came Trix cereal. So it was a very colorful barf-up on Dr. Hottie. And I had to pee the whole time. FEH.

So I saw a new nurse practitioner yesterday and I really liked her. I was in and out in 45 minutes, prescriptions in hand. My pee is now a lovely ocean blue and there's no pain. Amen.

Nap time.

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