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Wednesday, 08/20/2008 - 10:45 a.m.

First on the list, my ass. Dude got here at 11:30 yesterday and told me we needed a whole new washer. So I learned my lesson and asked *him* when he'd be here and he said between 11 and 1. I did "Operation Cat Round-Up" and so far no one is whomping on my door to be let out.

I had to cancel lunch with the Strawberry to be here for the new washer. Dude swore up and down I didn't have to be here but I wasn't leaving the cats locked up alone for any amount of time. I also don't trust them not to fuck shit up while I'm not around. Whatever dude did to the washer yesterday made it leak all in the floor, which ran into the tub room.

And, as predicted, DC has started to spaz about the weekend. He also helped me pop my back yesterday and promptly threw up in his mouth a little at the "crunch" noise it made. It was indeed a big crunch, I have to say. It didn't hurt at all and I felt better immediately, but he kept gagging off and on all night over it. I feel tons better today as well so he did some good, regardless of what he thinks.

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