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Monday, 10/04/2010 - 7:18 p.m.

I didn't post for quite a while, then I got super-chatty, then back to not posting. I'm just not sure what to write about any more - how much sex at my house can I describe really when 95% of it is earth-shatteringly excellent? How many times can I write about how much I love DC, the Boy and Nigel and how much they also drive me crazy? Or about our BDSM community and how much I hate dealing with douchebags but then a really really good night (like Saturday) happens and restores my sanity? Or how much I love my mother and how crazy she makes me? Or about my complexion/illnesses/teeth issues?

I've been working on my and Nigel's Halloween costumes and it's going really well. I raided the Salvation Army store and damn near went insane looking through all the clothes. Brand-name Jessica London hanky-hem fabulous skirt - $2. Several seams of the overskirt were blown out so I got some heavy duty Stitch Witch ($2) and hem tape ($2) and patched everything. The waist needs to be taken in about 3 inches so it doesn't fall off my ass but that's an easy fix. Platform Mary Janes from the Gap - $3. They have shiny vinyl toe caps and straps with a 2 inch heel and fit my wide duck foot perfectly. After I polished them up, Nigel said they looked brand-new to him. I needed a cheap black skirt that I could glue stuff on and I wasn't willing to sacrifice one of my good black skirts. Big black bell shaped ankle length skirt that's just want I wanted - $2. The waistband is fucked-up but that's also an easy fix and I don't have to replace anything. Short-sleeved cute blue dress so Nigel can be Alice in Wonderland - $3. It had to be massively shortened but it's pinned and ready to be Stitch Witched.

For our 6 month anniversary Nigel gave me several copies of the professional pictures his sister took of him a couple of years ago. There's one that gives me goosebumps every time I look at it because he looks so incredibly cute. I didn't get him anything because I'm a rotten girlfriend. Actually, I think celebrating anything other than years is kind of high school but I wasn't turning down pictures. Heh. I got him birthday stuff, though, and I have to wrap all of it here soon.

I took the last antibiotic for the sinus/ear combo last night. I still have a little bit of a snotty nose but I'm *much* better than I was 2 weeks ago. I went to the Queen's for dinner last night and she told me about ear candles. A cone of wax on fire that goes down into my ear - what could possibly go wrong there? Next weekend we'll find out. I figured I'd try it once with DC or Nigel as a spotter. At some point before winter sets in, I'm going to bite the bullet and try a sinus rinse as well. If this hippie crap keeps me from getting a sinus/ear infection this winter, great. If not, then now I know. ("Nose Douche" is my new Rock Band band name, BTW.)

And finally, I pulled out my size 26 jeans that I haven't worn since last winter. I could get them on but they were super tight in the thighs (think sausage casing) and I could zip them with effort but not keep them buttoned. Not only do they button and zip with no problem, they hang on my thighs. They are still a little too tight in the butt but I can live with that. I pulled out another pair of capri pants I dearly love that haven't seen the light of day since spring of last year. No buttons or zippers, just an elastic waist that couldn't stretch enough to get up over my hips. Ha. I pulled those jokers straight up over thighs, dunlap, and hips and they're quite loose now. I still miss doughnuts, though.

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