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Sunday, 01/04/2009 - 11:43 p.m.

I decided at Xmas with my mother on the 30th that 2009 is the Year of the Splurge. She gets DC the best sweaters for his birthday and Xmas and he only wears them on "special occasions". The Queen said to him "'Sugar, life is too short to not wear the good stuff. Stop saving your good sweaters and wear them. That's why I give them to you.'". Holy crap - words to live by. So I decided right then and there that 2009 would be the year I "wore the good sweaters". By splurge I don't mean go on spending sprees or anything like that, but I resolve to:

1. Wear my "good" clothes at least once a week, even if I'm only going to the grocery store. I have dresses, blouses, pants, and skirts that I've been "saving" for something. Feh. I wore a cute blouse to the Munch Saturday that I have not worn in a couple of *years* to get the resolution ball rolling.

2. Wear makeup at least 3 times a week, even if I'm only going to run errands and even if it's only a little eyeliner and colored gloss. I have all this "good" (read: expensive) makeup that is turning to unusable garbage because I "save" it. I don't want to be one of those nutty women who wear full-face full makeup every day but no more makeup is going in the trash because it hardened, thinned down, thickened up, or sat so long it changed into an entirely different color.

3. Wear perfume or perfumed lotion every day, even if it's just a dab. I had Giorgio body lotion that turned to smelly lard and Eternity lotion that turned to runny soup because they were so old. Feh. I don't want to smell like a French whore but I'm not letting the good stuff go to waste anymore.

4. Wear the "good" jewelry more often than Xmas. I have Givenchy cut crystal earrings that I never wear because I'm afraid "something" will happen to them. I have rings, earrings and bracelets that I'm afraid to wear, and a tennis bracelet that I'm terrified I'll lose. I don't think I've ever taken that joker out of its box.

Would I rather use the "good" stuff and enjoy it or let it sit and gather dust? The Queen was right - life is too short to not use the good stuff.

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