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Tuesday, 04/11/2006 - 7:12 p.m.


This is a new blog I've started reading and this woman kicks all kinds of ass. This particular entry in her blog is rough, uncensored and completely politically incorrect. The entry after it is the same. Read at your own risk.

We made it thru the first day of check offs and all 4 passed. PF cried a little during hers and I wanted to take her anxiety away (she's wigging over clinicals, too) but I know nothing I say or do will erase her internal insecurities. The usual gang was in the lab rewrapping and refolding so we heard BigGayDaddy (BGD) lecturing her on her booboos which just compounded the problem. He kept her on the spot for a good ten minutes, detailing every screw-up until I wanted to kick him in the butt and say "Leave her the hell alone; you're only making it worse". She really *is* a great tech, nervous or not. I'd want her working on me, no question about it.

We're posing for this on Monday night and I cannot wait! I almost fucked up and told my classmates about it today when we were talking about professional pictures and getting dressed up. I'm pretty sure they'd understand the whole "any and all sizes are beautiful" part but they sure wouldn't understand the reason I can't show them any of the pics is because DC and I were nude, along with my boyfriend. Feh. Still gonna be hot, though.

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